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Drain Clearance - drain Unblock - London

For small works / jobbing plumbing ie. less than 40 hrs work our rates always apply , unless we have previously agreed in writing a " Fixed Price Quotation " signed by both parties .

Call out charge Mon - Friday 9am - 5 pm  £99 unless quoted otherwise or special offer produced at initial  time of agreement signing

labour rate for a plumber from £55 per half Hour per man , monday - friday 9am - 5 pm . At all other times Double , Sundays and bank holidays three times rate .

Drainage Unblock base rate labour charge is from £99 per half hour minimum

Plant hire for specialist equipment such as scaffold hire ,  High water pressure water jetter hire

 ( from  £99 per half hour ) are quoted additionally as a rate prior to their hire .

We  have a minimum charge at all times of 1 Hours labour 

All prices are plus Parts  and vat